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Jesus Lion of judah canvas


Nick NicholsI’ve never seen one program try to stub so much socialism down somebody’s throat United Nations what is that the new Hitler the new Third Reich10 . Lee ClaysenWow discovery is on the Great Reset propaganda bandwagon 4 . Elena HaywardDiscovery used to be interesting now it’s just propaganda. Unfollowing2 . Tina MaasThe issue is a handful of countries are supporting the rest. To use a socialist term they aren’t “paying their fair share”. How many countries we send money to have rampant civil rights issues? Oppression, genocide? How about taking care of our own so … See more . Abdul QayyumGreat . Troy Berlini am new on here1 . Troy BerlinHi everyone . Nahar Nahar@fashingalary1 . Alex DollyHere is a question that came up in the group that I watch this with. I’ll reduce it to the subject of inequality and injustice. Why were the Hong Protesters excluded for this montage ?? Where were the images of the People of Venezuela and their Struggl… See more5  Jesus Lion of judah canvas

Jesus Lion of judah canvas

Jesus Lion of judah canvas

We still don’t have a way to know beforehand if a MASSIVE shock-wave is approaching us from a Magnetar or Nova. But what can we do even if we do? (We’ll get a handful of hours to hide once we see it’s reaction with Jupiter, whatever!) It will be devast… See more. Stars exist but they don’t have ‘lives’!. Do we know if we will feel the shock waves when it implodes since it is so close?. WoW.. 2500 lightyears away. How insignificant we are.. Glory be to God, the Creator, the creative photographer, Glory be to God, the Great. Must be a seashell on scarborough.. Amazing . Beautiful. Awesome. How do they even know this stuff? Just guesses. Beautiful. Cool. Aniruddha Chowdhury. Lies lies lies. Does this happen like an explosion or slowly over millions of years ?. God Is A Creator Of All. Arulnithi Kannanvp Jesus Lion of judah canvas Play GIF. Honestly it looks like a baby in the amniotic sac….

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Jesus Lion of judah canvasJesus Lion of judah canvas

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