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Social worker things i can control poster


Ser AnthonyI always thought the males have the antlers1 . Dave ArndtWith names like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen you couldn’t figure it out? They sound like a cross between a roller derby team and a touring stripper show….12 . James G ScheerI heard he couldn’t leave the North Pole because of covid4 . Anne FordWow, this comment section is sad. I’m just happy I learned something new about reindeer. . Anita FleischerWomen doing all the work and men getting the praise for it. Sounds about right3 . Top fanDawn BradyAwesome  . DarrellKathleen CrossAnd Their Girls, so They are Smarter! Lol I hope I haven’t Offended Anyone! . Shanette Saxton-GarnerWho runs the world.. girls 12 . Greg CarlsonMaybe they IDENTIFY as males!!!Play GIFGIPHY9 . Barbi Burkeof course,why would you think otherwise? . Lisa MusserI think rein deer are much different than regular deer . Mike McCoyBut Santa’s sleigh going that fast wouldn’t Santa’s suit be brown ? Think about it.  Social worker things i can control poster

Social worker things i can control poster

Social worker things i can control poster

John Doucetwell these are magic deers so stuff the science in a sock . Rick BrownDon’t go gender stereotyping them reindeer.  . Mitchell William OwensScience also says there are only 2 genders, but people are claiming to be whatever they feel like so maybe they feel like men.2 . Kerry O’GaraWow all these sensitive men.  . Julia NicholeSo… was Rudolf a female? . Marcus RotkirchSo the moral of the story? Women pull the weight while a man holds the reins? Okay then… 2 . Maria GoreckaPause GIFTenor . Jana HofeditzMakes sense.  . Dave LongHey discovery it’s called magic 1 . Karan PatilYea If only this wasn’t a fiction . Anurag Yadav1 . Frank TannoI thought everyone knew this duh! lol . Erin HillOnce again the women doing the work Marnie Ziemer!2 . Scott ColemanGender non specific you mean!2 . Judith Ayala . John GeorgePlay GIFTenor . Shyam Parkipandla . John GeorgePlay GIFTenor . Wayne Cookomfg here we go .. . Adnan Tours and Travels Pakistan Tours and Travels Pakistan5  · Travel agentIslamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan  Social worker things i can control poster

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Social worker things i can control posterSocial worker things i can control poster

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