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Female the original iron man mug


Dave HunterWe used to have them in our petting zoo. I always found it interesting that their antlers were all over the ground.4 . Michael NaeyaertYes, tell me more about how the magical flying reindeer would adhere to scientific principles.35 . Zach BarnerOne day ago you posted a picture of a bull elk still with it’s antlers.In North America, moose, elk, whitetail deer, caribou, reindeer, etc, do not shed their antlers until late January, into February.2 . Joshua SternquistDid you know that his reindeer fly?   Female the original iron man mug

Female the original iron man mug

Female the original iron man mug

Ser AnthonyI always thought the males have the antlers1 . Dave ArndtWith names like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen you couldn’t figure it out? They sound like a cross between a roller derby team and a touring stripper show….12 . James G ScheerI heard he couldn’t leave the North Pole because of covid4 . Anne FordWow, this comment section is sad. I’m just happy I learned something new about reindeer. . Anita FleischerWomen doing all the work and men getting the praise for it. Sounds about right3 . Top fanDawn BradyAwesome  . DarrellKathleen CrossAnd Their Girls, so They are Smarter! Lol I hope I haven’t Offended Anyone! . Shanette Saxton-GarnerWho runs the world.. girls 12 . Greg CarlsonMaybe they IDENTIFY as males!!!Play GIFGIPHY9 . Barbi Burkeof course,why would you think otherwise? . Lisa MusserI think rein deer are much different than regular deer . Mike McCoyBut Santa’s sleigh going that fast wouldn’t Santa’s suit be brown ? Think about it.  Female the original iron man mug

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Female the original iron man mugFemale the original iron man mug

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