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Spices cooking canvas


Leaving real Madrid is a big mistake dude,after playing with them for 16 good years. Paris saint germain is the perfect club for you or man united with cr7. Gazza Parker. If he is ready to retire, he could join MLS. Stick a tenner on him going to Barcelona. You’ll thank me.. As long as the cheating pig doesn’t come to England, who cares. Everything i hate about football rolled into one person. Dead eyed dead souled cheat who thinks that trophies justify everything.. Liverpool . Dirtiest player in Europe. Check his red card record.. He will join Barcelona . Get him Leeds United. He should go back to the sf giants, his slider in his prime was electric! Maybe with a change of scenery he can get it back. i wanted him to join laliga team nd score against madrid. I will take him at Leeds. Manchester United FC Spices cooking canvas

Spices cooking canvas

Spices cooking canvas

The number 1 team and his favourite Club which i support at EPL Manchester United. Him and Maguire could be a force to be known. #RAMOS2Man_United. I here he’s talking to Norwich City as a replacement for Buendia, they have money to burn this year . If ramos stays on the pitch he will be a good player to get in its just his attitude of getting sent off which is a drawback. It wont be for Liverpool that’s for sure !. His personality would suit Man Utd to a tee. He’s a cheating c… so yeah.. Imagine this guy partnering Maguire at united then Shaw and bissaka at fullbacks. If he comes to the prem he’ll only be able to play 1 in every 4 games. He’ll be banned for the next three!. He would fit in well at the Exeter chiefs.. Aberdeen he would love going to Dundee the City of Discovery on a cold Wed night in Feb. Spices cooking canvas

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Spices cooking canvasSpices cooking canvas

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