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Just so you know, we are not excited that you signed a 33 years old on a free transfer. At our level as Man United’, we should be signing Cavani when he was in his twenties and not as a pensioner. I say no to mediocrity. GGMU!. And our Coach will difinately creat problems 4 us in selecting players for the game on tuesday. Lungile Majola. Would actually put rash in the number 10 role. He looked amazing yesterday.. His experience and finishing ability will be very important to the team. I’m just hoping Jones trains on his own… that guy will take out his own players…. Cnt wait to see him striking ves his formal team……… Tick tack football, remind me how this works on a 11 a side pitch? Do the coaches really know what they are doing at United?. And the headache goes to Stamford bridge The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A1

Don’t wanna see him train, wanna see him play. Or has he got his own seat next to ighalo, pellistri & VDB?. Is this the only training drills we have. Basil KE The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster And the pain is left at Sigiriri Bridge the Avocado harvesters . Reminds me of when United bought Falcao and how that end up.. . The best thing about that video is the music. Cavani is going to surprise people with his awesome and amazing performance this season. MU must give him a better team for next year.Beside Mcgwire, Pogba, Rashford and Martial who else you have to play with Edi….absolutely no one!!!. Individually man utd have best players than others team players but still need to work on them mentality & on them bad ego .anyway good luck my love team for tomorrow huge game. Watching a full training clip of this man whos a striker and not seeing him shoot at the goal

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A2

Clearly sharper than most of the rest of the squad. Get him in the team and see how he gets on.. Sriraj Jayaprakash. I see Cavani as a player with strong leadership and possess his own charisma. He can be a good role model for MUs young player.. Evawizzy Oz
Dont get me wrong friends Cavani is a good finisher as greenwood. Both of them love scoring goals. And bruno rashford and martial. I hate the way Manchester United trains, instead of real training they train small small groups trainings. Franklin García. Can’t wait to see him and telles play against psg.. Feeling so exciting to see coming matches and Cavani will show best as he is still one of the best finishing goal machines strikers.. Buying Cavani is good, but is much better if we buy this guy when he is 20 not 30. But still hope he can prove he is good

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A3

Where is Romero???
He deserves better!
#JusticeForRomero. Rare moments in football.. Bring on the farmers. Takunda Tapera. Once the smiles of every player remain, then United will soar to new heights. Back where they belong. Please OLE20 make them smile to put the smiles back onto our faces. #unitedtillidie. Team should be 3-4-3 maguire bailly AWB. You should start PSG match with pruno , Mctominay and van de beek because the attackers of paris saint german are too fast so if you start with matic and pogba we will finish the first half 3_0 for paris. This man no where to be seen. Give Bailey playing time please..he deserve it ti be honest.Rojo too.i love the club so much Rojo has the passion for the club and he has alot of courage. And thats the spirit we want..let us not deceive ourselves we know the club we are facing in …

Manasseh Mehta
Even without a win, I would still be convinced with the kind of character our boys displayed.
Total football, aggressiveness, tenacity to win and playing from the heart and for the badge
The boys didnt lose hope even after Conceding a quick goal, they kept on going
David De gea was at his best once again making wonderful saves.. Is it a coincidence or it counts for something that the first day Solksjaer decides to be on the touchline, giving out orders, United won in emphatic style??. Ole uses guessing game in his lineup..Mata is a player with great talent but no one make use of him. Phillip Mambo
Ole is a witch of football.. He is still not good for this team… He’ll be better of as a sporting director not as a manager…. Yesterday we really played very nice football Daniel James,Fred, it was great to see their confidence back but there is alot much to be done the team needs some fine tuning many miss passes,no runs poor decision making, selfish plays by rashy and dj ye…

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