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Mohd Rio EN Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster Winning doesnt always mean being first. “ A winner never stops trying.” — “ There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one. We r coming step by step . World knows who V are. . i feel bad to lift up ole when i see next fixtures i PSG,chelsea and other giant teams.. Tun Lwin Oo. This legend needs to stay and not be a scapegoat for players that have no passion but want the money. Lee Claro Dato Jon We don’t get carried away, next 5 games isn’t easy, let’s get the momentum going and play the players that played today. Nice to see Rashford running at people now looked more interested and hungry . Colombo Zanetti. What are you planing with sergio romero, he can’t be a reserve you know, either sell him or give him some playing time

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A1

Lets just real here Manchester Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A front 3 is no longer our thing but a solid midfield of 4 players…we have options. I miss the strong united! I miss the united which is scary for the rivals.. That Bissaka goal was amazing… I genuinely can’t believe people are celebrating a win against Newcastle so much… The score doesn’t say the real story we all know ole has no tactics it was just individuals brilliance with no style or identity we are in a very bad place. When you have a bad manager, all the players look bad. Maguire out.. The poor results that Man U have gotten to me the first place to look at is the board room , they never invested in the players Ole wanted….. Maung Maung Pyaezone. Neil Roby. David R P Hill. Hats off to the stats guys for finding this mostly irrelevant fact. And putting the name of OGS next to MB and SAF? Good grief.

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A2

Васил Чамбов
Rojo persistently training with the lads in every photo session almost decieves he will eventually play again for the first team . Can OGS give Rojo play time..we are suffering and we already have good players in the squad.. Our squad is way better than our performances on the pitch. Am so happy to see marcos ROJO hes better than Harry. Ayazu Ebuka
Pray for Nigeria . Martial needs to be on the bench allways. please I’m not seeing greenwood anywhere what happened to him?. Why Rojo not line in centre back. He will be a good pair with Maguire. We should put player like this for next game . Marcos rojo should start with Maguire he is so good. We won the match because of matha and bruno..so happy to see martial out..he should not play more offten..than definitely Manchester United will win. Are you sure these guys are training or are just out for photoshooting? I hardly know the difference in this club. They’re so classy during this photo session-training. Give them a game and you’ll be surprised.

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A3

VDB should always start. He is not a bench commodity.. Yang Fandango
Was the same against psg last season where ole was due for the sack and the team put tgt some individually brilliant performances to keep the team afloat.. A little win against a weaker side and all this trolling. The truth is individual brilliance is what saves the team.. Corey Bland. The best athletes have short term memory after losses and wins. If you play like the world-class team you can be, the points will come.. I just cant hide my love for Juan Mata. Thr passion, sense of urgency, discipline on and off the pitch is an exception. Very underrated but just superb. Juan. Jesse Sebastian
We all see how Rashford played that number 9 position and was running everywhere coming inside to pick the ball not Martial that is lazy and can’t chase for the ball
The best result in the last two years,a clean win without scoring a penalty,how I wish we could be added five more minutes,it could have ended 1-9, PSG be prepared and of course those two London farmers upnext,be braced….. GGMU

Where are the Ole Out” brigade? Theyve suddenly gone very quiet.. Because we won never puts Ole out of the line for a sack..the game was about individual brilliance and cohesiveness..Ole lacks something in being technical. How about we all settle down and give the manager and his players a chance to get into a groove. All of this ‘sack the manager’ nonsense is totally unnecessary. The way some people react, Sir Alex would have been sacked in the first 6 months and look w… . Looked much better without the poison that is Pogba, such a negative player who moans and sulks when things are bad instead of encouraging and driving his teammates. Mata should start every game. And that second goal was the united of old, world class. It was only Newcastle and they were seriously poor.. English media is so bogus.
This is a struggling team… United have pairs of midfielder in Europe ,its d job Ole to know how to use dem, the 2nd goal build up between van da beek , Bruno, mata and rashford was massive

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