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Asante Spongee Obeng Prince Racoon your butt napkins my lady poster The lads did well but JM was fantastic than anyone on the pitch. He is being paid a lot of money. Its not like he’s doing our club a favor. Besides he has consistency issues. I rest my case.. That was soooooo amazin to watch him this guy is our everday savior. Martin Whittle. Michael Adjei. We are MAN U… we won’t stop backing our team… let our team play next matches with still more commitment… please give ur 100% every time.. yesterday it was only 70% of ur capabilities. Degea is very good tonight but my grandchildren must hear about a man called mata and what he is doing for united!. Today the team looked stronger than ever before.. Fernandez never wanted to score via penalty this time round… The one that was 3 feet to his left and traveling at 3 miles per hour that my granny could’ve saved or the one that he should’ve saved but just watched it go in..

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Must we depend on penalty Racoon your butt napkins my lady poster Happy he lost the penalty. If were gonna win let’s win without a penalty. Let’s go!. Bruno was always going to miss a penalty at some time. Fortunately it didn’t cost the team today.. Both keepers were good tonight. Every goal that went in. Couldn’t be kept out. Bruno’s penalty was very weak though.. He’s not happy. It means he was signed to kick penalties? Such talent wasted. He is now built on penalties. Why on earth could Bruno. Miss a penalty . I dont think Ole knows how to change a game. Cant make a change to effect the game. The coaching team has zero intellect to make changes. We only normally win by penalties and missing them now.. Evans Vanso Mupambwa Poor decision from the refree Great penalty saved. When did Bruno change his penalty technique??? No hop no goal. Am not surprise at all why must it be Bruno all the time to kick a penalty shot I think the newcastle keeper must have studied his leg very well at times swap and surprise them not always the same tactics and same person

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Chafwakale Webby
MCTOMINAY silenced maximini today.
Maguire and lindelof didnt have much to do because he covered em well today.. The guy is fantastic, its only that people sometimes forget that he is also just a human being. Can we talk about Juan Mata the Governer general in the midfield… one of the most clever plays to play the game!!!. Hassaan Asdaq. Although the team lost due to many mistakes made by some individuals in our team, it is very sad, but never stop loving, guys, guys fighting hard for Manchester United.. Sometimes the confidence is the issue not form. The moment he got that confidence to save he will save.. Denzel Reid. Seen Around in Namibia. give a chance for romero, de gea is the best, dean and romero also is the best gk, rotate our gk will not affected on the match because we have the best gk for them to play

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Larry Allcomize James
Fine save. I will always support De Gea anytime and any day.. Good Job proud to be a United fan. His the best
Hope that his hand is not broken tho.. Ive said all along we need to stick with him and hopefully that save will catapult his confidence to the De Gea of a few seasons ago. And the pain goes to one small London club with a rented stadium. henderson is really pressuring him which is really good. I wonder how players will get better if they aren’t supported during trying times. This Is why Lukaku isn’t with us anymore. Unnecessary dissing and ridicule of a player in trying times. De Gea is a world rated keeper and despite any issues he may have gone through remains same.. Support the thread and the color in good and in the bad. #IStandUnited.. He deserved a clean sheet today but all credits go to Darlow, he was on steroids!

Scott was the unsunk hero. Take this chance and be happy. Being a united fan is hard. It may take several wekends before this team wins again. For sure it calls for a celebration when united wins. It should be BREAKING NEWS also. Infact it takes a miracle for this team to sa… . Can we talk about the rest of the season Not a time to wonder about the last game..We need to keep the momentum high and move forward . Up to the last 15 minutes of the game it was embarrassing, I mean, come on! We have to do better guys! Jesus!. No one can beat him in mentality. Just like the first season he played for ManU. Many criticize his form. But he always come back stronger! This time is the same, he give his best!. David De Gea was on top of his game today, hes been doing this for United for many games. It was amazing to see him doing the usual saves, congratulations to the entire time.

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