Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster


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Rishi Thaver. Bruno had a great game but mata was man of the match they’ve got it wrong . Mc Blazing. In next generation, Ill be Manchester united fan. I love man utd with passion,wining or losing I remain man utd fan. Bruno Fernandez display a true Captain capabilities. He’s a great leader not only lead by example, but they inspire those around them to do more.. I’m waiting pies jii . Abdulrahman Bayu. Before Bruno Fernandes came to Man United, MU was Robin Hood in Premier League.After Bruno came,MU was played spectacular in every match on season 19/20. I thing Pogba and Van Beek changed the game when they’re substituted in.So,either of the two guys should be the man of match,not Fernandez.. Marcus deserved man of the match this is robery in day light and racism. When did him to be the captain???. Come on player of the match suppose to be Mata or Scot or De Gea or Rashford useless from you Admin Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn't around the corner poster A1

How he got MOTM over Mata and Rashford makes no sense. He did have a good game tho. Why not marcus?. Phillip Mambo Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster Its Stupid, lack of realistic choice It’s an abuse to Rashford and Harry MAGUIRE. You give man of match to some one who misses penalty. you forget some one who assist 3 goals ?. u people just like Bruno.. ..but he wasn’t de man of match.Even scot,Mata and Rashford played very well. Edwin A. S.P. Goh. I thought it was mata or rashford bruno was poor till he scored mata and rashford didnt stop this is a stupid post. undefined. For missing penalty?. Oo Lay Paing. undefined. I think Rashiford would be bcz he assisted 2 and scared 1. ไอซ์’ ซัง Marcus 2Assist 1goal . One thing I don’t like is the fact that we tend to put all the praises on Bruno even when he doesn’t deserve it. He’s our player and he plays well… fine, but at times he doesn’t play well and yet he takes the glory

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn't around the corner poster A2

Was it just programmed in yo head that it should always be him? We also watched and we aint blind. Taiwo Wizzy Ayodeji. Only . Muhangi Javila
Our best defenders in the whole world yesterday at work,
. MOTM is mata n not bruno so can i get a signed shirt from him. undefined. How do I share the ones I’ve signed. Burno played well but rashford was better. Bruno is much better without the enigma pogba in the team. MATA . Matthew Taylor. MOTM should have been Juan Mata. Noel Hanna. Now you won’t leave us rest then next weekend they loos again. The man of the match for me was Juan Mata.. Molly McHugh. This guy is upcoming superstar for Manchester united let us be using him very well. Ole delivers, manchester united my favourite team from decade. Jasbir ‘Jaz’ Singh. ឡេង គីម ហាក់. Mata Was superb , he was My MVP yesterday

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn't around the corner poster A3

Kaningen Badea Norbert. Mogomotsi Phaladze. Definitely you right or Rashford two assists and a goal. Henderson in de gea out. Kyaw Thu Hein. I would pick Harry Maguire for the game. So early in the season we already have the Goal of the Season!. Prince Calvo Ogesh. Pete Allan Worthington. Rashford with a world class finish and two assists!?. Your love toward him is impossible! True marriage is for one woman for one man.. Chukwudalu Obah. Martial hope you learnt from your friend Rashford. Bruno at his worse, assists or scores. Brilliant!. Rashford was just sueperb yesterday.
2 assist and 2l1goals.. But it was supposed to be Rashford. He doesnt deserve it.
#Rashford was my man of the match Between Bruno and Marcus, both of them were very involved in the victory of United,. Mata is my man of the match he stabilised the midfield. I liked Marcus more that match. I say Rashford. Enjoy the game.

When u shoot with R2 button.,. Today its been much more of our players individual brilliance rather than ole’s tactics,he should be leaving the club,if it was for a good coach with good tactics given our players individual brilliances,manu would be master class. Roshan Ale
We should talk about Van de beek and mata too.. their passing vision was class today. We played 45 minutes with only midfielderbut we fought..
We need team spirit and some creativity and Confidence then we are good to go. It was excellent
He brought me back into the game . Darren Davies
Was a cracking save to be fair. Redeemed himself for being rooted to the floor for the first one though.. I want this man to start saving my money, is there degea bank?. Kylie Stargyal
It’s his job to save us no need for us here in pakwach Uganda we are still celebrating the whole village has been watching from the chairman’s black and white small tv

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