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Poster Jesus take my hand


Learnmore Gusvure Poster Jesus take my hand West Hammers will hammer Chelsea. Best prediction of me. Burnley 1 – 0 Wolves. Chelsea will be draw at home and Burnley will be defeat by Wolves at home!. Chelsea is gonna be hammerd by moyes….and the pain goes direct to the bridge of noise makers… #GGMU. west ham will be hammered with their own hammers if they try to cross the blue bridge. Klopp said Chelsea was the pl favorite, Chelsea believed it, boom, two losses in a row, let’s make it three in a row.. I have a feeling that moyes will deliver a master piece tonight. Go get the 3 points #Hammers. Man United Just After Beating Fellow United Teams I.e (Sheffield & Leeds) We’re not even Taking A breathe typing everywhere ” They are back”…LOL. . Predicting draws draws on all the matches gentlemen.. Chelsea is going back to default settings… They are meant to cry and they will continue crying

Poster Jesus take my hand

Poster Jesus take my hand

Respect to Sheffield United and merry Christmas to Heidi. Sheffield United well done to make Heidi’s Christmas and unforgettable one… Mine also in this such a difficult year …… This is just beautiful Poster Jesus take my hand I’m a Manchester United fan But this just won my heart… See more. Awwwwh big ups sheff utd I was in tears thanks for making her Christmas. Well done Sheff United , top draw . The greatness of a club is not about how much money it has, it’s about actions like this.. Andy Shipston. I don’t care who you support this was special well done Sheffield United and all the best for the rest of the season. Adahunse Jide Reuben This is beautiful…… for this, you are winning your next game. Respect to Sheffield United!! . Lovely. thank u congrats Heidi. Gave Ramsdale some stick at the Amex last Sunday but fair play to the lad! Great gesture from the blades!

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Poster Jesus take my handPoster Jesus take my hand

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