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Poster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battle


Still best defender inthe world stones and dias real. Big win over the weekend, well done boys the whole back four played amazing they kept the shape, we all pushed up all together communication was working well. Well done boys. Keep it up. Mudala you did an excellent job yesterday, hope to see such kind of performance in the next games. Well done! A really good performance. You have to play this way against all teams if we want to be champions. Ole must by now realize that teams play well when there is a sense of urgency. When you play man city even without saying anything there is a … See more. This is your best, ur best has started coming back, good work done by our able captain, thank you.. Leadership by Example Poster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battle Really Solid Captain.. Against all ensure you win against westharm. The Great Leader, Am Wishing You All The Best May You Win All The Remaining Fixtures, Up United We Stand.

Poster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battle

Poster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battle

Yesterday you played a fantastic game keep it up. You you’ve done excellent job yesterday always you are grear defender we proud to have such defender. Proud of you!..we need to tighten the nuts at this moment..and scoop all the points in the remaining matches . Your great Harry ! But you don’t but pressure on the Refrees during penalty incidents …. It’s so bad for the fans to see your weakness . Well done captain .. Really kabak is better than you . Well done Harry! Flawless game yesterday!. C’mon captain, lead the group to results.. Don’t want to sound ungrateful but what is the point of beating City if you are going to lose to shit like Sheffield United or draw to crap like Palace. You will reach the level of Anthony the best Number 9. Absolutely, He is also currently the best LB in Europe#GGMU. I wish you success in your next games. Please don’t quench the momentum! We are Man United!!! Poster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battle

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Poster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battlePoster Ho-oh and Lugia legendary battle

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