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Farm girl into the barn canvas


Let’s make Health for all Happen.. Health is complete status of physical,mental,social,spiritually , well-being.. Salute to all the staff for their hardwork,may the good lord give you wisdom and conscience Farm girl into the barn canvas Enabling humanity the right to access the transparency on prescribe drugs especially on vaccination . The Headquarters are in Geneva. So thankful to live in Canada.. Always welcome for health advice to the World. Yeah you just have to wait three months and then you’re dead appointment was the next day. It good this :. #GyoCannabisOrganically and use as much food you take organically, as pesticides are not good imo.. You mean “Deathcare” this isn’t “Healthcare”. Ishk Thilakarathna. No they don’t. Over 1/2 of the citizens don’t have health benefits because they can’t afford a $200+ month premium . Most well come ” Universal Health Coverage Day ! Always we are needs for health advice to the world .. All this but not when and where or not free medicines and vaccines (like not) here in Canada

Farm girl into the barn canvas

Farm girl into the barn canvas

It’s a bit late for your comments now you have helped spread the virus all over the world. Quit letting insurance companies and stockholders make healthcare so expensive.. the us has left the WHO, why am I seeing its posts on my feed?. You are truly the best mouthpiece that money can buy for the Big Pharma.. Siddhesh Shrivastava Farm girl into the barn canvas WHO has tell very correctly.. The WHO has caused this pandemic it should be defunded no more global agenda.. We can make people healthy by ensuring they have clean water and good sanitation. A little cheaper than vaccines and drugs too. Shall we try that in developing countries instead……oh wait . if we were allowed to preserve our immune systems then we would not need chemicals from any pharma!. If you want health for all, provide health for those in Taiwan. . We need clean water clean environment and good food and peace of mind to stay health please keep your vaccines we don’t need them here in Africa

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Farm girl into the barn canvasFarm girl into the barn canvas

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