Presidents are temporary Wu tang is forever yard sign


Later, the disciples of Master Chin Hoa created many martial arts that were often used by the self-defense fighters of Saigon – Cholon when fighting, causing the French enemy to “disgust. There are some prominent faces like Nhat Ho (Ly Phi Son Ho) with fierce fighting style like a tiger catching prey; Tam Mieu (Nguyen Van Mieu) has a unique stalking technique and then suddenly defeated the opponent in the blink of an eye; Tu Tinh (Nguyen Van Tinh) with a “flying pillow” as strong as a thunderstorm makes the opponent terrified
According to Dr. Ho Tuong, during the war against the French, one of the powerful weapons of the army and people in the South was the machete. It was Master Chin Hoa who had great merit in perfecting the technique of using this weapon to popularize the militia. In 1946, in order to honor the heroic tradition of the homeland of Binh Dinh, martial arts master Bui Van Hoa took the nickname Tay Son Nhan, opened martial arts class at Cho Quan school (now Kim Dong school, located on Tran Hung street. Dao, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) enrolls thousands of disciples. This is also a milestone marking the birth of the Tay Son Nhan sect.
The Martial Arts School of Tay Son Nhan of great master Chin Hoa is growing stronger. In the golden age, only in the center of Saigon, Tay Son Nhan had a system of 6 martial arts schools, thousands of disciples. During the 1960s and 1970s, Tay Son Nhan was a famous “martial arts”, specializing in training martial arts fighters, making a great impression on martial arts lovers. At Cho Quan, the first disciple class in Saigon of famous martial arts master Bui Van Hoa included Nguyen Van Mach (Muoi Mach – who later became the 2nd Grand Master of the Tay Son Nhan sect) and Tieu La Thanh. The next class had a famous disciple Dang Van Anh (later martial artist Kim Ke).

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