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One piece friends TV show shirt, hoodie


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One Piece: Stampede, also known in Vietnamese as One Piece: Pirate Festival, will officially be premiered at Touch Cinema on January 3, after an early screening on December 31, 2019. The work marking the 20th anniversary since One Piece was released to the audience did not disappoint the fans of the series.|Interesting and funny movie content|One Piece: Pirate Festival is the 14th work of this series to be released on the big screen. In Japan, One Piece: Pirate Festival set a record as the film with the highest number of tickets sold in 2019 with 2.31 million tickets and brought in revenue of 3.05 billion yen for the producer only after 9 days of release. The above numbers are the clearest evidence of the attraction of the Straw Hat gang and its accomplices.|Movie content|One Piece: Pirates Festival continues to be a movie about Luffy’s fight with his friends against the forces of darkness and bad guys who always suffer defeat under the power of Luffy and his teammates. But the difference this time is that the Straw Hat gang does not meet an enemy outside the vast Dai Hai River, but they will meet at the Pirate Festival that is held “once in a while” and no one knows for sure when. how many years exactly.

One piece friends TV show shirt, hoodie
One piece friends TV show shirt hoodie 12

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