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Easily distracted by motorcycles and airplanes poster


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Check the details: Check the chassis number of the car’s engine number to see if it matches the number listed in the papers. Check the vehicle’s electrical system, horn and lights. If you find it difficult to press the use button or hear a chirping sound, there is a problem with the electric unit.|Negotiate the price – After you have chosen the car you like, negotiate to get the right price. “You get what you pay for”, it’s best to ask people who know cars or car mechanics to consult the best price.|To check the car’s cooling system, you do the same as checking the engine, test drive the car for a distance of 30km or more. But before running, you should check the motorcycle coolant carefully, because some pkl motorcycles that are not well taken care of will lack coolant. If lacking, you can replace 1 bottle of pure filtered water to test the cooling system, when buying, change the cooling water solution. When testing, you should run at both fast and slow speeds, if the car is still stable, then it’s good. If running slow, the machine is hot, then we accept it, because it can be fixed. If you run fast about ~80km and still have boiling water, you should not buy a car, because the heat sensor has malfunctioned, making the car unable to cool itself. To know when the water is boiling, you see that the cooling water will leak out while running.|Check the brake (brake): Most of the current motorcycle models use disc brakes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following points: Touch the disc brake with your finger, rub it a few times

Easily distracted by motorcycles and airplanes poster
Easily distracted by motorcycles and airplanes poster as

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