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I have been SO impressed by your team in all of the background videos, documentaries, etc where they can be seen. It takes a village, and yours is impressive!!! Surfing knowledge poster Shirelle Nix The advise I give as a mentor- you can have multiple mentors as each person will add something different to your life. My responsibility is to proved the best experience and help you decide what you do not want which in my opinion is harder than decidi… See More

Surfing knowledge poster A2

Surfing knowledge poster

Cathy Cheesman Surfing knowledge poster Age doesn’t matter, we all have the same problems. Always a good feeling to know we can all have beautiful friends going through the same things and family to. Great photos<3 love the young people in my life. They see things so differently and we challenge each other! No chance of me being hip though lol; i know my limitations. I still miss the best first lady! Scampini M Paul What a blessing to see these BEAUTYFULL smiling faces when my long day is comeing to a close. I am reminded that love only shines and so visible when it comes from the heart and soul. It’s that moment we as individuals are our truest self. Michelle Oba… See More

Surfing knowledge poster

This was the most powerful thing I’ve listened to and experienced in quite a while. Thank you Mrs. Michelle Obama. Thank you for this conversation across generations, such powerful dialogue. Surfing knowledge poster Grace Wilson Thank you so much for being so inspirational. Your podcast has been a form of mentorship for me and I cried today listening to this (mentee) podcast. We appreciate you so much! My daughters even share in my excitement when we watch your PBS kids read-a… See More

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