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Still OLE is not tactically good ,, United have many talented players who should play better football,, High pressing opponents. dont celebrate and hype too much yes we won but stf.. Work hard for the next this time the French side.. Elias Bura. Why isn’t anyone explaining the reason why mason was not in our matchday squad.or are my the only one who noticed?. Ever wondered if we had Koulibally and Sancho how would our team be? World class but kiss goodbye to that, January we need to get Sarr and Umtiti then. That should cost us around 60-70m especially if we offloading Rojo, Jones and Romero we might even… . @Donny van de Beek’s pass retention in his last three games: Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster 32/33 (97%) vs Brighton. Mwansa Chama. Sharon Nyawira In fact continue posting…We must celebrate… If the players would have lost,,the very same plastic fans complaining you’re hyping the win too much would be here again bashing the players..let’s celebrate…

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster A1

As a flanker.. he had many chances to score goal and assist please create more chances…. The spider baller he is a good defender but crossing he needs to work on it other except he has the quality. As usual he was going to cross that ball, but then realised he had acres of space and asked himself, wth am I supposed to do now?? . Blessed King Steve. I wanna ask Solskjaer, he bought new players to keep them on the bench, is it? Then why waste the Club Budget.. Wow – the comments here are honestly shameful – FFS leave Ole alone and just do what you know best and support the club – if you aren’t happy bugger off seriously – if you want to make such comment buy some shares and go to the AGM and say it there – s… . If the keeper didn’t get injuried it would of finished 1-1 Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster A2

We move over to Paris.. lets not get carried away Biko . we are through with them please you people should now face our match with PSG and leave all these things biko. Haochi Zhang. Muhammad Iqbal Ibrahim. Highlighting old news really pisses us off. We want to be a strong lion, not be a peacock that shows off after a little nice display for one day. Admin if you don’t know how to handle an official account properly pls look up for other football pages for reference. Don’t do this here. Its like my kindergarten teacher handling it. We’re going with PSG next. Forgot ? . The lineup was very disorganised indeed it won a disorganised team with a disorganised coach. With this lineup count a loss when we play aston villa. Rehan MN. Since Last night i can’t scroll without Seeing This Our Old Shiid Are we the only Team who Win our Match #Go to Man City’s Page And See if their doing the Same thing NO!!!!Meanwhile they even play with Arsenal

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster A3

Our goalkeeper should wear this , no one would ever score again.. This young man need to go to loan where he can have space to play more games,he doesnt not play but always on injury and still on a payroll.. How about we get a dazzling transfer business for once, maybe then some of us would feel more motivated. Gaz Whalley
Look into the badge.. Not around the badge… The Seizure Maker 3000!!! Now on sale!!! Wear it to the shops. Wear it in training. See your enemies drop before you!!!. I’d like Woodward, judge and the glazers to wear it next to a pride of hungry lions in deepest Africa….you know the drill. You’re certainly not going to get knocked over crossing the road! You’ll be seen for miles!. The only thing that dazzling” windbreaker is going to do is make me cross-eyed or give my seizures.. I love united but this top is awful also I wonder how many pictures and comments about zebras there will be I reckon at least 100

This reminds me of the ‘camouflage’ they put on car prototypes. It kind of gives me a headache looking at it on the screen here.. I salute the die hard fans who are going to buy this. I thought Woodward is bad with transfer dealings, didn’t know he has no dress sense neither. Good luck with the third kit sales.. I think someone just needs to give the aerial a wiggle in the right direction and the picture should clear up.. I dont know what formation he decides to play o, but Donny and Scott must start against PSG. You need the energy and passion to disrupt their play. GGMU. The only thing that’s going to break is peoples sanity. It’s disgusting.. Who the hell is thinking up this crap and who the hell is giving it the green light. Patrick Torphy. I’d rather walk round in the knack. Paul Welford

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