God is within her she will not fall poster


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Stop saying its just Newcastle its the Newcastles that have been giving us headaches over the last 5 years, they sit back , crowd the space and hit on the counter. The boys finally managed to unlock the puzzle so let us celebrate !. I was very much impressed by Juan mata he did a donkey work ,a game changer indeed. He is our beast of burden .. And the pain moves straight with speed to the boys in blue at their rented farmland in London .the home of Kaiyoko God is within her she will not fall poster GGMU. Kelvin Akoyo Bruno intelligent the way he noticed he was running towards a covered area and quickly changed direction to score from a tight angle. As much as i hate this team lately but i have to praise their fighting spirit. Dont stop now. Keep the momentum. Players keep coming but u can’t take away our lovely Manchester United. I know all of us want the old united. I can see the team improving if we get more and more workhorse players into the team

God is within her she will not fall poster

God is within her she will not fall poster A1

Had pogba been in this match he would hv killed that counter attack that led to a goal. Without pogba united r much better.. Take out Pogba from the first 11 and you have the W. If you call yourself a fan and dont celebrate any win from our team, you’re more than welcome to choose another club. Stay out of our house.. I’m really impressed with our attackingmore than 20 shots n more than 10 on target…maybe that defeat to spurs was exactly what we needed. Overall our best performance this Mata is key!!!. With mata in the lineup change the Dynamic also linkup both bruno and mata was superb.. proud of that…If we gonna play that way against PSG..Trust me it a must win..Finesse shots from Bruno..soo professional … I still repeat we DON’T NEED POGBA” he is not a workaholic, he strolls the whole match but with Scott, Bruno, Matic, Mata and Fred they can work hard God is within her she will not fall poster

God is within her she will not fall poster

God is within her she will not fall poster A2

We have won today but from the bottom of my heart I dont want to see Daniel James on the pitch again!!. Tshaka Ndlovu. He has United mentality, Bruno is a true United legend in the making. Trust Ole and trust the process. Rabz Sabouh. That’s your captain right there. He understands the club and expectations, has the passion and desire. No Roy Keane will not approve only been there 2 minutes, but he encapsulates it all. Thats only my opinion! We need a winner to push the team as per … . He speaks like a captain. Time to consider to hand over the armband to Bruno before other clubs approach him!. It’s about time we reserve a seat for Shaw at the sidelines..no creativity….poor deliveries. At last he missed a penalty..but scored a goal later..
Thanks to all players..hope we can rebuild our team confidence with this wonderful win.
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God is within her she will not fall poster A3

Juan Mata was a playing leader. The wisest player we have.. Yusuf Permadi Muhammadiyah
My favorite one is the process of the goal scoring by Bruno.. It shows everything that ManUtd suppose to be as a team.. Keep it up, lads!! . Caocao Chia. Garry Garner. wasnt an comfortable win at all! but glad got the results we needed . Andrew Karim. Best moment, seeing Van de Beek introduction how simple his style of play, jz a great to watch and hopefully he starts getting more game time.. Forget the own goal, was a freak thing, sometimes it happens.. Lloydette Becker. Very encouraging. Even Shaw managed to get a goal. . i was not happy with shaw,bissaka (tho he scored) and james but the rest played very super well..as rashford played striker i dont see any chance for martial or cavani,the team was marvelous we need to maintain and to improve zaidi so we can be on the …

Although shaw had a great game but i want to see Telles start games. Michael Boye Marquaye. Mc Blazing. The lineup that played second half was the best.with pogba,van der beek,Bruno and mata.we can beat any team easily.bench Dan James and bring in Van see beek.cavani and Rashfordam confused.unless rotation coz both can play very well I. Myo Thant Zin. Mg Mg Khin. Get him please. undefined. These are the things we really love to see!
Play GIF. Bruno stop hiding ur self…we knw that u are the real captain of Manchester united. I feel very excited and confidence watching Man UTD played yesterday without Martial, Pogba and Matic. The team looks energetic and very hard-working on the field with fine display by Mata, Bruno and Mctominey providing solid cover for our poor defense… . What happening to Lingardinho . Harry Jnr Barron. Creativity in the middle is deeded either we start Mata or give Paul a free role

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