Barbell it’s not a phase it’s my life poster


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Roy better pray it stays a “charity sparring match” and doesn’t escalate beyond that. Mike didn’t get in shape and train just to dance around the ring all night.. This guy looks better now than back then. He is still the most awesome boxer the square has ever seen. We’ll see. As usual, ofcourse there will be hype before the fight. It’s called “Promotion”…. Barbell it’s not a phase it’s my life poster. it’s how money is made in everything!! A brawler is a different animal….it doesn’t rely on speed to win…one punch! That’s it. Problem: Tyson was not just… See More Play GIF. We watched all the Tyson fights at my parents house in the basement, where my parents couldn’t see us. We would get a bottle of Southern Comfort and get ready to drink but Tyson was always done before we could get past one round of shots. So we just go… See More. The difference in their training intensity is astounding. Roys knees are gone he can’t move the same. Tyson seems to be the same monster just a little slower

Barbell it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Barbell it's not a phase it's my life poster A1

My . After!? I was hoping you would do a live stream with commentary. That’s a PPV I’d actually pay to watch!. Way to go Mike looking better than ever !!!. Do it commentary this would be you best hit ever.. The old Mike’s face is saying, “I dare you to step to me.” The modern Mike’s face is asking, “Are you sure you want to step at me? … You gonna learn today.”. This fight is a joke. They’re not allowed to try to knock each other out, there’s no judges and no declared winner. You can’t even bet on it. It’s considered “hard sparring”. Each fighter pockets a couple million and a participation ribbon.. I swear as great a shape he’s always been he does seem like still be peaking or something! Total Beast ! I wouldn’t even try to take a hit from him ! . He can get as ‘jacked’ as he likes, but his sport requires speed and agility. Things we all lose as we age.

Barbell it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Barbell it's not a phase it's my life poster A2

He looked a monster when he fought Danny the taxi driver Williams and still got pumped.. I don’t care how old mike Tyson is….I wouldn’t get in a ring with him if I had a machine gun!. Matthew Stead. Blyeh! Let’s fight over the internet about our divided opinions on this subject with people we’ll most likely never meet or form any kind of relationship with! GO!. But tyson never learned how to box. Barbell it’s not a phase it’s my life poster. He never had to last more than a punch or two before the other guy was unconscious. When jail made him soft??? And he lost that ability he resorted to eating his opponents. Thats when they said he can’t play with t… See More. Master already has an Ali stutter and is much smaller so I don’t think Blaster will need more than three rounds. That was the maximum built into the Nintendo game for a reason eh

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That marked area next to a disabled parking spot is specifically for wheelchair users. That’s common knowledge. I do condone parking in questionable places as a bike user, but not at the expense of other people. This is an example of a dick move in my … See More. Park where cars park. You’re not special.. Just kick it over and out of the way for the disabled to get by …obvious ignorance and no excuse …they will understand. Pressing matters aside, a motorbike parked in a painted area… There is nothing wrong with where he is even if they did have a wheel chair there is more then enough space anyone that thinks other wise needs some more cheese for that whine. A Stanley knife and 2 flat tyres comes to mind? Or better still buy a marker pencil and make sure you get a trolley and accidentally knock it over on the way out!

Probably the most misunderstood and taken advantage of person in the planet.. Dude looks great and hopefully gonna be a good fight but this ain’t as one sided as y’all think. I dont see Tyson ownin Jones like everyone is sayin. Jones has been retired not even 3 years. Mike hasn’t stepped in a ring in 15! Sparring and camp is one… See More. Magdalena Huschi. Tyson’s going to kill Jones Jr. Iron Mike’s gonna take a jab to the jaw and his eyes are going to turn black like a shark’s when it bites its prey. Then the real fight starts, Tyson’s gonna duck the next jab and combo on Jones Jr’s chin.. My father used to get pissed off in the 80s because he would pay for a boxing match and the shit will be over in 30 seconds because Tyson knocked somebody the fuck out quickly.. Regardless of their age, these two are looking good.
I was so excited when I saw that they were fighting. I checked to see if I was off work and was well happy when I knew I was…… then they changed the date

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