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Negative impact on the ecological environment:|Plastic bags and disposable plastic products, only used for a very short time and then thrown away, but these products have the characteristics of long-term decomposition, its harm is extremely great not only to human health. but also with the environment, ecosystems on earth. According to researchers, it takes 500-1000 years for plastic bags to decompose in the natural environment. Meanwhile, the amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment is very large, nearly one-third of plastic bags every day are not collected and treated. As a result, plastic waste and plastic bags are everywhere, causing heavy environmental pollution and creating conditions for diseases to multiply and develop.|Measures to limit the harmful effects of plastic waste:|Minimize, proceed to not use plastic bags and single-use plastic products in daily life.|Use products that are made from biodegradable materials in the environment such as paper, bamboo, sedge, etc.|When shopping or going to the market, you should bring lanes, baskets, bags, food containers… or use paper, leaves such as banana leaves, lotus leaves… for packaging.|In case of mandatory use of plastic bags, it is advisable to put foods and goods that can be put together in the same bag.|Reuse plastic waste for other purposes without causing harm to humans. Do not throw together plastic waste, plastic bags with easily degradable garbage to create favorable conditions for collection and recycling into other useful products.

Messi 10 champion shirt, hoodie
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